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Travel Smart ~ Safe ~ Everywhere

Freelancers.....don't go it alone!

If you are a freelance EP/CPO, we can help with your logistics and travel services. 


Venture Guard Travel is a full service Travel Agency that was formed between a group of protective security professionals who identified a disconnect between travel advisors and security professionals, regarding safe travel, especially in higher risk locations.

Instead of trying to sell you security services on top of your travel expenses, we just integrate it into your itinerary, providing you with the safest flights, routes, ground transportation, lodging, and any other services you require. And yes, we do it at reasonable and even discounted rates.

We also provide you insurance through our internationally known partner Allianz, complete with medical and evacuation services.


Contact Us or Enroll Here, and we will be in touch. 



David - Missions Director

We will not send out our workers without consulting with Venture Guard. Their trip summaries provide insight that is valuable in making decisions for the safety of the team.


Erik - Missionary

Our teams travel across the globe representing several, related NGOs. We regularly conduct our operations in unsettled, war torn, and restrictive countries. Venture Guard provides risk mitigation planning, and crisis response strategies for our teams giving us confidence to move through the challenging 21st century world.

Brodie - Missionary

My organization has used the services of Venture Guard Travel for over 8 years. They have expertise in security and travel that is second to none! We highly value their vast knowledge and personal touch. I highly recommend them for all your security, travel and travel insurance needs