Planning Travels


If you know where you want to go and have an idea of what you want or need to do, sign up and input your information. Let Venture Guard Travel Planners put together multiple itinerary options that fall within your budget, ensuring you get everything you want out of your trip in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner. 



Booking flights is not a difficult task these days. Most of it can be done online through different bargain sites. But what about more obscure travel (think prop planes)? We can ensure you get to your destination safely and on time through our network of air travel providers, no matter where you are headed.  



Hotels are difficult enough to assess without having to worry about safety. What if there are only a few at your destination? What if you have to use an Air BnB or Vrbo? Let us assess your lodging as part of the planning process. We can ensure you get good service as well as safety, including health safety.   



Vehicle incidents, both on foot and in a car, are one of the leading causes of injury while traveling. Whether its recommending the safest form of public transport, or arranging a car and driver, our planners, who have arranged transportation for VIP's all over the world, will take care of you. All of our clients are VIP's to us, so you can expect a clean, safe, and courteous mode of transport throughout your trip. 



There are a million tour guides and adventure companies at most destinations around the world. But which ones are legitimate and will consider your safety and security? Let us arrange a vetted guide to show you around as well as ensure you have access to safe companies, ensuring your experience is a great one.  



Your trip will automatically come with a comprehensive travel and health insurance policy, to include evacuation insurance. We partner will Allianz, the best travel insurance company in the world. Whether you are dealing with flight delays, unforeseen cancellations, lost luggage, or illness, we will ensure you have the right coverage for your trip.  



You don't really need it....until you do. Let us assess the risk level of your travel itinerary and provide you with the level of security you need, compared to your level of risk. Security comes in all shapes and sizes, to include active monitoring of online media feeds. Something simple and affordable can keep you from harm, avoiding a potentially catastrophic incident.  

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Often the most unsettling part of a journey is arrival into a foreign location. Most major airports have Meet and Greet services that can help you through customs, often taking your passport and doing all the paperwork for you while you sit in a lounge sipping a local beverage. We can arrange this for your through one of our vendors at an affordable rate.